Mittelstaedt Family Website

Hi and welcome to my personal family website!

Here are some of the many things I am involved in:

1. I wrote a book published by Addison Wesley, here:
2. I co-own a computer consulting company, here:
3. That company also owns an email provider here and I created it's website:
4. I documented an in-and-out on a Chrysler minivan transmission here: Transmission Replacement on a Chrysler Minivan
5. I documented a clutch replacement on my 2002 Ford Focus here: 2003 Focus Transmission replacement
6. How to replace engine mounts in a Ford Focus 2000-2005 Replace Mounts
7. Here is my latest car project, spark plug hole repair on a Zetec engine in a Ford Focus:(sorry, not done yet)
8. Here is the current ESXi 4.11 build of apcupsd that I made
9. [HISTORICAL] Here is the readme.txt file for the ESXi 4.11 version of apcupsd: readme.txt
10. [HISTORICAL] Here is the apcupsd software compiled for ESXi 4.11: oem.tgz.apcupsd.vmware411

Here are some things that my son Ian has done:

Piano Recital 2014 (June):

Minuet in G C. Pezold (1677-1733) Here
Prelude in e, Op 28 No 4 F. Chopin (1810-1849) Here

This site is a bit on the primitive-looking side I know. I used the vi text editor to create it. I hope you like it!

Please do note that while I am pretty busy I am happy to answer car questions on a public forum where the answer can benefit many people with the same problem and can be peer-reviewed for accuracy. I used to spend a lot of time on Usenet, so you can go to and search my name there if you care to. I recommend for Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth stuff but I don't frequent it anymore. Nowadays I post a little bit in