Mittelstaedt Family Website

Hi and welcome to our personal family website! I am Ted.

Here is some random electronic graffiti of mine:

1. I wrote a book published by Addison Wesley, here:
2. I co-own a computer consulting company, here:
3. That company also owns an email provider here and I created it's website:
4. I documented an in-and-out on a Chrysler minivan transmission here: Transmission Replacement on a Chrysler Minivan
5. I documented a clutch replacement on my 2002 Ford Focus here: 2003 Focus Transmission replacement
6. How to replace engine mounts in a Ford Focus 2000-2005 Replace Mounts
7. Spark plug hole repair on a Zetec engine in a Ford Focus:focus-2001-zetec-head-removal
8. Here is the current ESXi 4.11 build of apcupsd that I made
9. I experimented with building a command line Unix program for Android using Native Development Kit here
10. Part 1 of a presentation I did in Beginning Java CIS133J-Tools-Presentation-1.mp4. See below for URL list.
11. Here is a BlueJ extension for PMD that I wrote for the CIS133J class
12. [HISTORICAL] Here is the readme.txt file for the ESXi 4.11 version of apcupsd: readme.txt
13. [HISTORICAL] Here is the apcupsd software compiled for ESXi 4.11: oem.tgz.apcupsd.vmware411
14. Replace Focus Shift Cables Focus Shift Cables
15. Replace alternator in Focus Replace the Alternator in Zetec Focus
16. My Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock game from my Beginning C# class
17. Honda Magna VF750C Shop Manual Shop Manual VF750C
18. Honda Magna VF750C Clymer Manual Clymer Manual VF750C
19. Presentation on using MonoDevelop to build a C# program built in Visual Studio 2013 MP4 WMV
-----for best results right-click and download the presentation and watch it full screen
20. The MonoDevelop Project for the demo program here and the Visual Studio 2013 project is here
21. A UPS querytool for apcupsd in C#here
22. This is the README file for the Android APCupsdXMListQuery program from Google's Play Store you need this!
23. Source for the UPS Android querytool for apcupsd here NOTE: You don't need this, unless you want to write Android apps
24. Here are the udp-test program binaries for PPS Test

URL List for Beginning Java presentation 1:

Here are some things that my son Ian has done:

Piano Recital 2014 (June):

Minuet in G C. Pezold (1677-1733) Here
Prelude in e, Op 28 No 4 F. Chopin (1810-1849) Here

His personal webpage for his DDCCode 2 class
A play he was in recently titled "The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From" that is quite funny.

My wife has a website

This site is a bit on the primitive-looking side I know. And yes I know how to create slick-looking websites. ;-) However HTML was originally designed to be easily used in a text editor to quickly produce formatted documents and the glitz on modern sites has turned what was intended to be used by regular people into something that you have to pay a professional web designer to create - thus taking something away from us. If you copy this page into a text editor you will see how simple that a purely functional page is and perhaps it will help you.

Please do note that while I am pretty busy I am happy to answer car questions on a public forum where the answer can benefit many people with the same problem and can be peer-reviewed for accuracy. I used to spend a lot of time on Usenet, so you can go to and search my name there if you care to. I recommend for Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth stuff but I don't frequent it anymore. Nowadays I post a little bit in